Key to losing weight

Losing weight is a journey - do you know the key to success?

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Mac Tips: launch an app

Learn three ways to launch apps in this first post of the app and window management mini series.

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Here we go again

I build sites like some people collect stamps.

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Soulver notepad calculator

Mac Tips: Soulver, the Calculator You Didn't Know You Need

I hate the calculator app. Fortunately, this app solved all my problems.

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Custom Bullets in React Using Emotion

Stock bullets shoot a hole through my soul. Time for a technical post on how to add a custom bullet component in Docusaurus and React.

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Mac Tips: 😂 Picker

Add emojis FAST in any app.

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Eleventy 2.0

Eleventy Powers this Site

Happy 2.0 Eleventy, the technology behind

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Mechanical keyboard.

Mac Tips: Keyboard Shortcut Basics

Using the keyboard in a few simple ways saves hours of time.

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Mac Tips

In this series, learn small tips and tricks that add up to major productivity gains.

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Farewell Twitter

So long Twitter. Maybe we'll see each other again in the future; just remember - it's not me, it's you.

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Teetering on the Edge

Much to my surprise - and excitement - I'm moving to Microsoft Edge as my main browser.

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Running in Leadville.

Why I'm Writing

I want to become a better writer. Time to start writing.

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