Mac Tips

In this series, learn small tips and tricks that add up to major productivity gains.

I bought my first Mac in 2010, putting me on a path to forever change my computing life. Prior to that, I used Windows and was generally happy, but as I began transitioning into more audio and video pursuits, I decided to try out a white plastic unibody Macbook. The usability, community, and (especially) the software hooked me.

Since then, I’ve invested an expert level of time into using Macs. As with most things, Mac expertise doesn’t lie in a few large things I can do well, but instead in a large collection of small tips, tricks, and power actions. When combined I’m vastly more productive.

I share tips with family, friends, and colleaugues informally and store them here as a permanent series I can send to others in the future.

Each tip, trick, app, and piece of advice are a separate post. For easy access, they are consolidated into the following lists.

Beginner Tips and Tricks

Launch an app: gotta start somewhere

Keyboard shortcut basics: keyboard = speed

Emoji picker: 😂 🍑 at your fingertips

Intermediate Tips and Tricks

Soulver app: this calculator alternative looks to solve all your problems