Here we go again

I build sites like some people collect stamps.

I launched another small site this week, bringing the total to three over the last few months. Like many programmers I really enjoy learning new technologies. I also have a long, running list of ideas to build. I can’t help myself from building another site. I can stop popping another pringle - I can’t stop working on the next project. Sometimes it feels like I’m collecting stamps. Small little projects or sites - there are never enough.

Earlier in my career, diversifying my skill set and hopping around to different projects felt problematic - spreading myself too thin. A bit of a stigma at not becoming an expert in an area. I’ve since realized it isn’t some problem to overcome - but rather a strength. Proficient in a wider area of skills - jack of all trades idea. Every team values the great utility player - the switch hitter, right? Expert, broad thinker - neither is the wrong way to do things - the world needs both.

I now embrace the inner drive to never stop learning the next thing. Building the next thing. Exploring the next thing. It’s one of the reasons I launched this blog - an outlet to share ideas on programming, learning, training, leadership, podcasting, video creation, graphic design, fitness, outdoor activities…∞

My mind’s already exploring where to go next. I wound up at my favorite domain, picking up that next stamp.

Hover domain purchase.

A sneak peak at my next web project.