Farewell Twitter

So long Twitter. Maybe we'll see each other again in the future; just remember - it's not me, it's you.

I was apprehensive when Musk took over Twitter. He’s had some interesting products, but some lousy ways of getting there. Seeing how he handled the massive layoffs shortly after joining confirmed some of my fears and I started seriously reducing my Twitter consumption. It didn’t help that many of the people I follow were leaving the platorm.

Last night I pulled up Tweetbot, my preferred iOS Twitter app, and got the following message. I wasn’t impressed with needing to re-provide credentials, so closed the app and tried again today, only to see the news that Twitter may be blocking API access so apps like Tweetbot may no longer function. This hasn’t been confirmed - but as https://api.twitterstat.us isn’t reporting any issues and Musk has fired most/all of his communications staff, it’s tough to say when we’ll officially hear anything.

Twitter error screenshot

This was the final act in a serious backslide for me and my Twitter experience. I’ll have to find new ways to follow the same folks/organizations. In the meantime, I’m moving to Mastodon.