Why I'm Writing

I want to become a better writer. Time to start writing.

Three years ago I ran for the first time. Not counting the occassional forced primary school gym lap, I’d never run a full mile in my life. Six months later, I placed 20th (out of 120+ people) in a Leadville half marathon. What was the secret to the turnaround? Running. Every, single, day. After several years of increased fitness in running, hiking, and cycling my body - and my brain - have adapted. I feel stronger and successful.

I’ve aways wanted to become a more effective and engaging writer. I’m competent - I can run the proverbial mile, but it feels awkward and looks ugly. The continued extension to remote work, life, and communication necessitates more effective written communication. I want to be better.

So, it’s time to write something. Every, single, day. A new post won’t appear here every day, but they will appear often. To notate my thoughts, document my learnings, and share a bit of knowledge with the world. And maybe along the way I’ll find out how to really run.